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Full Project is here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/98886087/TESLA-App-for-a-Mobile-and-a-Smart-Watch

The application is for making your life more comfortable, when you ride on electric car. Why I made a special application for that? Because:
1. Electric cars are not like simple cars for which people use petrol or gas. You can see only the superchargers on the map.

2. Sure it has its Dashboard, but maybe you want to turn on for example Netflix and the map at the same time, but you can’t. So you can turn on Netflix in a Dashboard and the map in your mobile.

3. When you buy a Tesla car, its shop will add car-documents in your application. Why is that important? Because if you will have any problem… for example police noticed, that you rode too fast and decide to stop you, for watching car-documents, you can easily show them.

For watch and read more information click on the link at the top.

P.S.: If you have questions how I did any page, detail, animation etc. in the project, ask in the comments, I will prepare a YouTube Video and answer your questions.

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