iOS Mobile App

The talented team at Attio and I have been working hard to get the mobile experience just right and I’m happy to be showing you more of what we’re currently working on.

Extending relationship management to mobile was one of the major considerations we made: Being able to tap into your network as you’re on the go, looking up info and getting the latest updates on communication is a big part of the Attio experience.

🔍 Powerful Search
Search is front and centre – we’ll share more on this, but we made it easy to access search seamlessly from anywhere in the app, making it a key part of navigating your network.

🔔 Grants & Requests
Receive notifications on the go when your team is requesting access to prior communication with a contact – no bottlenecks.

👥 Rich Profiles
Access every contact in your workspace. Dive into your data, details and communication.

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With Attio you can manage relationships, from your contact network to your partners and clients. And it’s all unique to you!

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