Apps 4 Digital Peace - Allsafe - Monitor Dashboard

I’m incredibly excited to share that my team, F_Society, won 1st place in the UN-sponsored Apps 4 Digital Peace Competition with our product pitch, Allsafe! Allsafe is aimed at helping small businesses, activists, and journalists in the realm of cybersecurity. Stay tuned for more shots from this project and for updates as we develop it further. And yes, we are big Mr. Robot fans. 🙂

“Apps 4 Digital Peace, sponsored by the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, the UN Office of Disarmament Affairs (UNODA), and the UN Office of the Envoy on Youth, is intended to bring together young innovators and leaders from the technology and policy communities to address the urgent need to improve cybersecurity and reduce tensions between nations online.

This first-of-its-kind competition aims to stimulate new thinking from innovative young minds across the world. The goal of the Competition is to develop original technology-based solutions, such as mobile applications, to both help limit the use of the internet as a domain of conflict, and to increase the security and stability of our online environment.”